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Diagnostic Imaging Services – Mobile Imaging

The ultimate solution for private healthcare providers

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Build stronger bonds with your patients

Stop losing patients. We will increase practice retention, minimize loss to follow-up, maintain contact, and keep them engage with your practice. We help prevent the need for patients to be sent for diagnostic services and /or medical transportation to another hospital group, allowing you to maintain full control of the treatment.

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Concentrate on what matters the most

Our on-site medical imaging diagnostic solutions provide the fastest test results in greater comfort and stress-free environment of your office, engages patient to comply with treatment follow up, and enables immediate consultation.

The result – better health outcomes.

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Expand your services with zero investment !

  • Top of the line diagnostic imaging examinations right in your office and on your schedule.
  • Connect to highly qualified board-certified Cardiologists and Radiologists.
  • Latest state-of-the-art equipment.
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Provide financial security and sucsess.

Keep the exam rooms full,  keep your business thriving. Taking care of your staff should never be neglected.
Besides all of the exceptional benefits Lyons Medical Diagnostic Imaging brings for your practice, you create extra income sources directly from us, plus doubling patients visits and retention instantly.


Expand Practice Services

Mobile Medical Imaging advances your practice by providing the highest quality diagnostics on your site.

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Patient Retention

We will keep patients in your office for diagnostics, increase visits, and bring newcomers.

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Thrive Your Business

Increase income, get more business, reduce administrative overload, get financial security for you and your staff.


How it works

What is mobile imaging services?

Your patients no longer must wait for weeks for their test results appointments, or have to travel and register at another facility for non-emergency medical imaging. Skilled technicians of Lyons Medical Diagnostic Imaging are going to visit your practice on a regularly scheduled basis.
Our comprehensive Mobile Radiology service allows flexible scheduling to meet the needs of your patients as well as yours. Your staff conveniently make an appointment right after you’ve ordered the test.  At the same time, you are able to schedule the follow-up visit to discuss the results.
Our cardiologists and radiologists are always available to discuss the results and to answer your questions. There is no time investment on your part and no out-of-pocket expense.

No outside scheduling hustles, reduce administrative burden

We help with eligibility and prior-authorisation process

Quick turnaround of final reports

Improved patient retention due expansion of practice services

We pay you for each day spent in your office

Clients in 3-year span

Tests made

Combined Years of Expierence

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Join us and take your practice to the new level

You can send us a secure message with one click, call, or e-mail. Please, open a “CONTACT US” tab on the left side of a page